12 Jul 2014 02:38

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Dave Goldblatt: New Character on Game of Thrones


Be ready, Dave Goldblatt. Your name will be in George R. R. Martin’s famous books, Song of Ice and Fire. This new character will also face one of Martin’s well-known deaths. Or, Martin will kill that character eventually.

The author of Song of Ice and Fire books is offering prizes for fans who donate money for Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Food Depot of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s where Martin and his wife, Parris, live. Martin and his wife have become members of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. They also held several fundraisers in small-scale. Moreover, they gave name to 10 wolves after book characters.

The prizes are amazing. If you donate $25, you will get a thank you e-card. Meanwhile, if you donate $100 you will get a campaign T-shirt and a thank-you video.

And there is one prestigious prize. Its name is “Martyr”. If fans want to contribute $20,000, Martin offered to create a character to be put on an upcoming Song of Ice and Fire book. The prizes are for one man and one woman. Martin feels surprised when the prizes are gone within few hours. And, as the result, there are two people who win the prize. Dave Goldblatt is one of them. Meanwhile, another winner’s identity is still remained anonymous.

Dave Goldblatt is 30-year-old Facebook employee. His friend recommended him the Game of Thrones Season 1. After that, he read the book series in six months.

Goldblatt stated that he’s just lucky to be in this position, which is being put into Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. He sees the charity as an added bonus. The more he reads about the charities, the bigger of his understanding that the charities are beneficial.

What makes this prize interesting is when the winners have the opportunity to choose their character’s station in the world. It can be lordling, knight, peasant, whore, lady, master, septon, and the others. Goldblatt chooses to be a Valryian. It’s a people group whom are famous for their indestructible steel.

Regarding his decision to become a Valryian, Goldblatt stated that when people read fiction, they must think that a particular character or race is cool. He thinks that the Valyrians are cool. He also hopes that there will be more of these kinds of characters in future books.

George R. R. Martin admits that it’s actually difficult to kill characters that he has made for some time. He sees his characters as his children, it doesn’t matter that they’re good or bad. However, for new characters, Martin thinks it will be easy. It’s because those characters seem to give their lives in a good cause. Moreover, Martin also wants to make their deaths to be memorable.

The website that talks about this fundraising announced that a new prize will be offered every Wednesday. On June 11, another $20,000 prize was added. It’s a trip to Comic-Con International 2014 in San Diego with Martin in July. However, that prize was already claimed within an hour.

Leyton Cougar, executive director of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, stated that he was surprised with the fundraising. It has raised more than $374,600. Cougar also believes that Martin is creative, so he will give something bright regarding the new characters to Game of Thrones Season 5.

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